Interview to Pilar Mateo in I-environment

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President of Inesfly Corporation, specialized in bio-polymeric micro- encapsulation and in research of natural tools for control of vectors.
Our interviewed of today, Pilar Mateo Herrero (@pilarmateoh), has such a wide curriculum that we will only be able to mention some of her merits. Later, only the top of her professional and personal iceberg.
Pilar Mateo is Doctor in Chemical Sciences by the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Valencia and by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), also Honorary Doctor for the University Anáhuac of Mexico.

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Dr Pilar Mateo Herrero.

+(34) 963 974 492

Camí de La Pascualeta, 5 46200 Paiporta (Valencia)